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Welcome to Daily Hash

Daily Hash is the easiest solution on the web for automated bitcoin mining rigs. All you need to do is set up an account, and start earning coins!

Ready to Run

When using Daily Hash, everything is ready to run for you. We’ve deal with those noisy miners that run at home - use this for simplistic mining without the challenges.

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We’re constantly refining our hardware and software to stay ahead of our competition. For you, it’s the easiest way to mine coins: No need to order parts, assemble rigs or have hot, loud miners in your home.

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Get Paid ASAP

Best of all, the Daily Hash system will allow you to get payments managed quickly and easily. Remove the old limitations that you have faced previously, making mining simple.

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Our data centres location

As a system set up to help make your mining simpler, our solutions are simple to follow along with and easy to master. This makes mining a simple endeavour rather than the stress and time consuming challenge that it was previously. Now, you can make your mining aims much easier to contend with as we offer the quickest ways to get started.

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Why you must work with us?

The choice is simple - we make mining a process that once was a headache so much simpler. We take away the logistical challenges of setting up mining rigs, whilst leaving you only the positives to benefit from for years to come.

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For better understanding of our service operation we give every new user 5 GH/s!

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